Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Summer Bucket List

1.Tie dye pants
2.Make a cookie cake
3.Destroy a watermelon
4.Make a smore(The old-fashioned way)
5.Don't flat iron or curl hair for 2 weeks
6.Decorate a pair of flip flops 
7.Paint all 10 nails each a different color
8. Make a banana pudding
9.Document everything you do this summer
10.Learn how to use proper grammar(well use it more)
11.Dye something with koolaid
12.Talk in a weird accent for a day
13.Invent an alter ego that causes trouble then kill it
14.Start a blog and write first post(Accomplished May 24th,2012)
15.Read 1 book everyday and write a review.
16. Make a webshow.
17.Write a book.
18. Grow a favorite fruit, vegetable, or plant
19.Buy as much stuff possible under 10 dollars.(Have a contest with friends to see who buys the most stuff)
20.Drop at least one clothes size
21.Make a weather rock.
22.Write 500 songs.
23.Make a melted crayons canvas.
24.Try free writing.
25.Get high from cofee
26.Pay for something in all pennies
27.Invent a drink
28.Wear everything in closet
29.Host a garage sale
30.Start a store an etsy
31.Make a new friend
32.Start a Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet 
33.Go see at least three movies
34.Get a henna tattoo 
35.Go on a shopping spree
36.Throw a party
37.Go swimming with dolphins
38.Appoint an official summer song
39.Adopt a new look
40.Go on a trip

Friday, May 25, 2012



Many people do those summer bucketlists, where they write a list of stuff they want to accomplish before the summer is over. My list so far only has 21 items and I plan on getting all the way up to 300(I want a busy summer!) The thing is I don't want my summer to be like the summer of '11, where I was so bored I couldn't wait to go back to school. Well, this school season I can hardly wait because I am going to a new school and I guess it's sort of my dream school lbvs! I tend to drift off subject and start ranting about something else quite a bit. Anyways, so I started this blog because 1. I've always wanted to have my own blog and 2. It's one of my summer bucketlist items. Number 14, Check!